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Back and Neck Pain/Stiffness

Most back and neck pain is mechanical in nature, that is due to joint, muscles and nerves being injured, stiff, tight, weak, or irritated rather than some type of disease. These symptoms can be a result of lifting improperly, a fall, car accident, or other injury, but often also occur gradually over time due to cumulative effecrs of everyday activities.

Whatever the cause, we carefully evaluate you to determine if we may be able to help you or if a referral to another type of healthcare is needed. Fortunately for the majority of people, we are able to help them with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic is the science and art of getting your joints, muscles, and nerves working better and in alignment. By alignment, we mean both better posture and remodeling of scar tissue fibers to move better. Joint and muscle tissues are flexible because they have an accordian like alignment, called crimp, that allows them to stretch and contract. Injuries disrupt this crimp causing pain and affecting movement. Early mobilization with chiropractic care in the first six weeks after injury can not only help relieve symptoms but also help these injured areas regain their tissue alignment and minimize scar tissue that can cause persistent or recurring symptoms and difficulty with daily activities. Past injuries have often left scar tissue that has lost flexibility and circulation, began to degenerate, and is more easily injured again. In these cases, chiropractic can help by remodeling scar tissue to improve flexiblity, relieve symptoms, and regain function.

Chiropractors primarily use their hands to adjust or free up stiff spinal and extremity joints, tight muscles, "pinched" or entrapped nerves, and increase flexibility of scar tissue adhesions. Therapeutic exercises are utilized to improve stability, weakness, and stamina.

Treatment also includes self-care instruction in a person's daily activities to reduce symptoms and prevent injury. Exercise, physical therapies, stress management, and nutrition are often utilized also. This relieves many symptoms and helps your body heal and function naturally for a better quality of life without the use of drugs or surgery as a first means of treatment.

Referrals are made when needed to other health care professionals such as neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and internists.