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While we occasionally refer patients for other care because chiropractic care is either not indicated or a patient is not responding as we think they should, the vast majority of patients experience resolution of their symptoms or significant imrovement.

Here are some of our patient's stories in their own words:

Dear Dr. Buckner,

As you know I have been one of your patients for many years. Most of my issues have been back or neck pain related, which you always have been able to resolve. Recently I experienced significant dizziness. I thought it was connected to my sinus issues so I went to my primary care physician. After taking medicine for dizziness that did not prevent the spells and later a MRI of my head I was no closer to a cure for my dizzy spells. They hit me frequently at night when I laid down and sometimes during the day. I could not shake my head or sneeze without feeling dizzy.

I knew I could not continue on this course. I remembered seeing some information in your office about dizziness being something that chiropractic care could treat, so I made an appointment to see you. On my first visit for treatment you were able to pinpoint the exact location in my neck that was causing my dizziness. I could tell within the first two visits that you were going to be able to reduce or eliminate my dizzy spells. The frequency and severity was greatly reduced. After about 4 weeks of treatment I was without any spells of dizziness. I'm returning today (3/17/2014) a month after my last treatment for a follow-up and I am still free of dizzy spells. Thank you for your knowledgeable care.


David Wigart


A few months ago, I began experiencing numbness and sometimes pain followed by prickly sensations in my left arm. Concerned that it might be related to a heart condition, I went to my primary care physician for help. He ran a number of tests including an MRI and CAT scan. It was determined that I had some minor displacement to discs in my neck, pinching a nerve.

My PCP suggested two avenues of treatment; surgery or chiropractic care. Having been seen by a chiropractor years ago, I was comfortable with lesser intrusive and invasive procedures of a chiropractor who had since retired. My PCP referred me to Dr. Joel Buckner.

After a number of visits, I now feel better tham before experiencing the symptoms in my arm. I think the slow deterioration in my neck led to a reduction of my physical condition. We expect our physical strength to diminish with time, but the good health, tone and well being of our body will certainly slow the progression in our senior years! I am grateful for the restoration of my good health by Dr. Buckner.

Robert St. John


I will forever be grateful for the relief that Dr. Buckner provided concerning the pain in my hip and lower back.

I had been suffering for a year with pain everyday. The pain was waking me up at night, I had not had a continuous nights sleep for a year. I couldn't even get up out of a chair without having to limp the first 10 steps. The stiffness and lack of mobility was even starting to affect my job.

When I went to my regular physician they just wanted to give me pain killers because they couldn't figure out what was causing it. I was beginning to feel hopeless and felt like I had aged 20 years.

Then I decided to go see Dr. Buckner. That was the best decision I could have made. He immediately recognized the problem and started treatment. Within the first 2 weeks my pain had significantly been reduced, and after 6 weeks I was pain free. I couldn't believe it!!!

Not only did he relieve my pain but he also taught me how to prevent it from happening again. He trained me on how to correctly exercise daily and look for triggers that caused the damage in the first place. Now I feel empowered to stay pain free and have my life back.

I can never thank Dr. Buckner enough for all his kindness and complete care. Every time I think about how much he helped me my heart is overwhelmed. Thanks so much.

Pam Godboldt


After a year of continual low back pain and 24/7 leg pain I have been completely pain free for approximately 6 weeks. I have gone from avoiding simple errands like grocery shopping to going anywhere I want to without pain. I became severely depressed over that year mainly due to pain. Now I feel free to do whatever I want to do. My job as a nurse has also benefited greatly. My back felt like it would break in half at the end of a 12 hour shift - now no pain at all at the end of my day. Thanks so much Dr. Buckner.

Kathryn Griewahn


I injured my back about 12 years ago. I've lived with on again, off again pain since then. Last year I decided that I was too young to live with this much pain. Basically my life revolved around, "How is this going to affect the pain in my back?" I started treatment with Dr. Buckner last year and for the first time I had no pain and then the mobility came back. I have lived the last  six months with no pain and more mobility than I have had in the last 12 years. I attribute my improvement in quality of life to Dr. Buckner and the great chiropractic care that I received from him.

David Armstrong


Dr. Buckner is a miracle worker. When I came to him last year I couldn't shake hands because of tennis elbow in both arms. I had exhausted the number of drug injections I could have and was at my wit's end. Dr. Buckner treated me and after a few weeks I was pain free and have been ever since.

No matter what my problems have been, be it strained back or shoulder pain, his treatments do the job. Thank you so much!

Pam Brashear


I woke up one morning and could barely stand due to lower back pain. I could not sit or stand for almost any period of time because of the pain. The only time I was remotely comfortable was lying down flat on my back. I could not lay sideways or on my stomach, which made sleeping very difficult. I decided to go to Dr. Buckner the day after I woke in pain and the therapy helped tremendously. The therapy he performed and exercises he prescribed drastically improved my range of motion and comfort level. Today, I have no more complications and have returned to my normal life. It feels so good to feel normal again and have the ability to do the things I love!

John Morgan


My neck and back have improved dramatically. I exercise every morning. I am happy with the treatment I have received.

Harry J. Brumfield


The care here has been excellent. With arthritis and scoliosis the treatments keep me moving. They are done with care and are painless.

Lois Lutzweiler



...That's how I felt one morning when I woke up from my vacation bed. It was terrible, but the vacation was nice, up until that point. In the morning I couldn't turn my head to the left. I had TERRIBLE pain in my left shoulder blade area, down my arm and terrible pain in my neck. Over the next few weeks the pain became debilitating. I could do almost NOTHING with the severe pain I was having. It was so bad that it was keeping me awake all night. I would scream in my bed at night after moving the "wrong" way. I COULDN"T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!

At this point I went to a medical doctor. Nice guy, but that didn't do anything for my condition and neither did he. I was prescribed medications that were supposed to help me. They did nothing but make me feel strange and I was NOT wanting to only treat the symptom, I wanted to treat what was causing the pain! Tired, in SEVERE pain, and at the end of my rope, I contacted Dr. Buckner. He had worked wonders on my neck and back abut 16 years  earlier when I was rearended by a truck. I hoped he was still practicing. HE WAS! I set up an appointment that day and after THE FIRST VISIT, I began to feel relaxation in my neck. I had a severely inflamed nerve root in my cervical vertebra that was causing all the pain. Dr. Buckner was patient, gentle, and VERY informative. He gave me printed articles to read about what I was experiencing and gave me some exercises to do. After several visits and learning to sleep sitting up for the first couple of weeks of my treatment helped me get the rest I so badly needed. It wasn't long before I started to feel my symptoms subside. I VERY QUICKLY began to notice that I could turn my head again!...I had stopped taking the medications and was taking some of the natural anti-inflammatory over-the -counter food derived "meds" that Dr. Buckner had suggested. I noticed my body thanking me every time I was "adjusted" by Dr. Buckner. Steadily., I began to regain full control and motion in my neck. I learned to correct bad habits and before long, I was feeling BETTER THAN my days before waking up with a "stiff" neck.

i NEVER realized how debilitating neck and back pain could be. I couldn't play with my kids, I had trouble working, and as I mentioned, I couldn't sleep. Dr. Buckner SAVED MY LIFE! It sounds dramatic, but the healing I received WAS DRAMATIC! I feel so confident of my treatment, that I would RECOMMEND Dr. Buckner to ANYONE with any issues relating to neck and back health. He was informative and though it may have "just been his job", I can never thank Dr. Buckner enough.


Warwick Burns


My car accident on June 19, 2011 renderd me unable to do things I enjoyed doing. I had neck injury, back injury and shoulder injury. However, after coming to my chiropractor, Dr. Buckner, I am now able to resume my normal life style. All areas injured have greatly improved. I followed all of his instructions regarding exercise. I kept all appointments necessary which included massage of muscles, great machines and experienced hands of a well qualified doctor. Thank you so much for your concern and special care. I will never forget the pain I was in when I first came to your office, whereas, I feel so much better. Again, thank you, Dr. Buckner.

Shirley Cooper


I consulted Dr. Buckner about a sharp pain that I was having in my heel. This pain hampered me both on and off the job. It hurt to walk or put pressure on my foot. After a few treatments and a prescribed "at home" exercise (that I still do), the sharp pain is gone! Thanks Dr. Buckner.

Terri Stephenson


When I came to Dr. Buckner my right hip hurt every night and felt like it was out of place. Often it was sore and my feet were numb. After going to see Dr.Buckner, I discovered that most of my problem was related to my lower back muscles. After about 2 1/2 months of treatment, my hip rarely hurts and my feet are no longer numb.

I feel great! I feel 1000 times better!

John Anderson


I have  been a regular patient of Dr. Buckner for over 8 years for several issues but most recently I had begun to experience migraine headaches. I had seen both my regular family practitioner and my gynecologist for several months searching for relief- nothing really seemed to help. Even muscle relaxers and Xanex didn't make the headaches go away. Out of desperation and frustration I mentioned the problem to Dr. Buckner. He took a few x-rays and found that I had lost the natural curve in my neck. After several treatments of muscle massage and adjustments my neck was feeling better and the orthotics provided have worked great! No more migraines!

Cathy O'Banion


Coming to Dr. Buckner in pain was the wisest thing I ever did! He has been so knowledgeable of the correct process. It gave me relief -and in such a caring and gentle way. Suffering from spinal stenosis at times I could barely walk - now I have no discomfort of any kind. I give so much credit to Dr. Buckner and am so indebted to him.

Helen Hoffelt


I experienced some major back and neck pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Buckner and they got me in quickly and professionally. Dr. Buckner found the troubled area in my back and worked his magic. Now I'm feeling great with no problems. However, if I have any problems in the future I know I can trust Dr. Buckner to take care of me.

Jarred Young


About 3 years ago, I injured my back lifting roofing shingles. It appeared to heal. On Memorial Day 5-29, I worked in the yard most of the day. On 5-30, I could not get out of bed. My parents advised me to see Dr. Buckner.

Dr. Buckner examined my back and told me he expected full recovery. I saw Dr. Buckner for 2 months. I recovered quicker than expected and now doing great. It improved my golf swing. My range of motion is much better. The service, attention and professional manner was outstanding. I have learned that Dr. Buckner's profession is most important to improving injuries.

Larry Cooper


About 2 months ago my lower back was so bad I could barely walk. I walked slumped over. My memaw gave me Dr. Buckner's number and even made an appointment for me. I had a disk that was herniated. Well, it was close to that. I could barely get out of bed or even put my pants on without hurting. Now, after two months and coming to Dr. Buckner 3 days a week all the pain is gone. He has shown me different things I can do to keep my back in good shape. Thank you Dr. Buckner.

Diana Moore


I began treatment for recurring pain in my neck and lower back. Through treatment and education I have been able to control/limit/eliminate these episodes of neck pain and reduce the occurrences of back pain. Long term training on exercises and nutrition have been successful for me.

Ralph Maxson


When I first came to Dr. Buckner I was hurting severely in my upper back. After his treatments and suggestions I have been able to conduct my daily business in a normal manner. Dr. Buckner has been honest and professional throughout my treatment. I would recommend him to anyone who is ecperiencing back trouble.

Jimmy Horton


I came in with a problem of headache and a stiff neck. Dr. Joel took x-rays and started adjusting my neck. Within a week or two my headaches were gone. Dr. Joel answered my questions and told me what was going on. Told me what I could do and some exercises to do.

Steve Colbert


I have been very pleased with  the treatment I have received. I have had a definite improvement in my symptoms. I feel so much more flexible and can move my neck and back more freely. The pain I experienced is greatly relieved The leg weakness I experienced is also improved - before treatment I felt too weak to walk very much or sometimes even stand. I am very grateful to Dr. Buckner and his staff. They have been very professional and have treated me with respect and courtesy. Dr. Buckner and Sharon always have a smile and a positive attitude. My experience has been a positive one and I would highly recommend Dr. Buckner to anyone.

Elizabeth Gundersen


I am a pre-school teacher and constantly tying shoes, picking up kids for the water fountain, etc. My neck and upper back seemed to hurt constantly and steadily get worse. Dr. Buckner has been so wonderful! Not only did I receive treatment; I've been given ways to take care of myself. It's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

Mary Beth Jacobs


I am glad to say that my treatment by Dr. Buckner has been a true success. The care given by him has made a very difficult time in my life more bearable. Each visit he has taken the needed time and committed to the restoration and progress of my spinal condition. I will definitely refer family and friends to him in the future and entrust my care to him should the need ever arise again.

Monique Bayless


Great, no pain!

Chris Walker


Back Bending Testimonial


Twist and bend                                                                                                                                                                                        

to put the big bag in

the city's high garbage bin

Unbeknownst it was as heavy as sin,

much to my agony and chagrin.


To Doc Joel did I go,

to restore my back to a painless glow.

Wonders he did with knowledge and skill.

My back is back and bends without a big deal.

Best of all Doc changed my "back" ward ways

To avoid future nursing home stays.

Doc Joel does it with patience and a smile.

When in pain. I really appreciate his style.


So if you have a back or joints in pain,

Take them to Dr. Joel to tame.


Eric Weiser


When I came to Dr. Buckner I had tendonitis in my right shoulder to the point that I couldn't raise my arm either to the side or the front. After a few treatments the pain was much less and I could raise my arm about half way up. Now I have full mobility back with no pain, and am even able to lift light weights and do push-ups! Many thanks to Dr. Buckner for his caring, gentle and thorough treatment.

Cindy Greenwood


I have a recurring back problem; when I over exert myself the nerves & muscles become inflamed and swollen. I did take medication for the inflammation and a muscle relaxant. I was told by my doctor that I cannot have surgery to repair this sensitive area. My only option was chiropractic care. When I did take medication it would take 1-2 weeks for relief.

I started seeing Dr. Buckner approximately 2 years ago, I stopped taking the medication. After about two visits with Dr. Buckner, working my lower back, I was able to move without the pain. He is careful not to overwork or put unfue pressure to senstive areas, but knows how and where to adjust to relieve the pain. Dr. Buckner is very professional and really cares about how his patients feel. When I taje his advice and do someof the exercises that he prescribes it really helps. I often get caught up in everyday work and home activities and forget, but his handouts remind me. If I ever leave Nashville, my chiropractor Dr. Joel Buckner is one person I will dearly miss.

Kenneth Guy


I've had neck and back problems since I was a young teenager (whiplash, scoliosis). The neck pain has worsened with age and includes stiffness, pain, including headaches. Watch for me on the road if I haven't seen Dr. Buckner in a while because the range of motion in my neck is the pits! In other words, turning my head to check behind me is quite difficult. That being said, it doesn't have to get that bad with Dr. Buckner being available. The adjustment he performs on my neck and back are the best around. It is so nice to be able to move my head freely and without stiffness and pain. I have been to numerous chiropractors over the years and Dr. Buckner does the best with my neck. I moved from Nashville several years ago, but will and have readily made the trek for this excellent chirpractic care!

Julie Thorne


Several years ago I came to Dr. Buckner with lower and upper back pain. I had recently had a series of tests to diagnose irregular heartbeat - without success. After a series of treatments with Dr. Buckner, not only did the back pain cease, I discovered I no longer had the irregular heartbeat. Since I had dealt with that condition for several years and I haven't had it since, I am so grateful to Dr. Buckner for taking care not only of the back pain but for the increased health I've enjoyed for a number of years now.

Pearl Hann


Success!! Best results have come from Dr. Buckner. I've been to other places and doctors but the results here have been great. Will recommend Dr. Buckner for anyone.

Bob Markum


I came to Dr. Buckner after experiencing extreme lower back pain for a year and a half. He was able to target the source of the problem and created a plan of treatment to follow. Now at the end of my treatment, the pain has been significantly decreased and I can now go walking without experiencing the pain as before. My treatment and the time/cost involved was well worth it. Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Buckner!

Amy Dominguez


At age 4, an accident left my neck damaged which caused my spine to develop with poor curvature. Scoliosis complicated this and at age 18, I started having a lot of back, neck and shoulder pain. To further burden these problems, I chose a career that requires a lot of sitting and leaning over. I have multiple pressure hot spots that flare up from time to time. I believe chiropractic care has greatly helped to restore mobility and reduce pain. I have also been able to avoid extensive and possibly debilitating surgery. Dr. Buckner has helped me in this pursuit for the past 20 years.

Jamie Tilsley


I had always (at least for 20 years or so) been bothered with my hands going numb. I also had previously visited 2 other chiropractors & was told I had carpal tunnel; the only solution would have to surgery on my wrist, which I decided would not do until it was unbearable. About 3 years ago I began to get a searing pain through my head while in a dead sleep. Through my insurance provider I found Dr. Buckner and what a find he is. A simple test proved that carpal tunnel was NOT the problem, in fact, I didn't have it at all. It was a pinched nerve (in the neck), from a car accident, some 25 years ago. Dr. Buckner relieved the nerve & now I go months without any problem, longer with regular check ups. He and his staff are caring, gentle & dedicated to their patients. I would recommend them for all of your chiropractic needs. I'll never go to anyone else.

Betty MCCallister


I first came to Dr. Buckner in Jan of 1998 with complaints of chronic neck and back pain caused by a previous car accident and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The adjustments helped right away and I found that consistency was the key for me. Dr. Buckner has educated me immensely through the years not only on the workings of the body but of the mind and spirit. I have learned more about holistic medicine from Dr. Buckner than all other sources combined. The alternatives to medication I have used have encouraged me to be open to all types of chiropractic care. I do consider myself a SUCCESS story. There was a day , my pain was so excrutiating, I could barely live. Now I live nearly 100% pain free. God bless you, Dr. Buckner and Sharon.

Lynn Foster


When I first started going to Dr. Buckner I could not move. I was down in my lower back and in terrible pain. I culd hardly walk. I went to his office and right away I knew that he was the right person to hep me to get better. He worked with me every day until he got me on my feet again. And he continued to work with me until I recovered completely. I think he is the most wonderful person and he is a great physician. He is very good at what he does and he definitely chose the right career. I would recommend his services to anyone that is in need of a physician in his field. Also, I cannot say enough about his staff. They are wonderful. They treat you so that you feel right at home. They take care of your every need.

Melissa Hampton


On June 1st, I was injured in a car accident and was referred to Dr. Buckner. Dr. Buckner was very thorough with his initial examination and concerns with my injuries. I had thrown my neck and back "out of whack" and was in a lot of pain for some time. Through many treatments with Dr. Buckner, my injuries have healed very well as far as I am concerned. He showed up at his office on a Sunday when my neck locked up a bit and was readily available if needed. Both Dr. Buckner and Sharon are very personable when it comes to the patients.

Kathy Arnold


When I came to Dr. Buckner I was experiencing migraines and neck pain. There is no more stiffness in myneck and I haven't had a headache in weeks. Dr.Buckner was thorough and kind. He was great at explaining my problem and outlining a solution.

Pat Ward


During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I developed a pain in my lower back. Cooking for the family is a big job since I am getting older. I am allergic to pain killers and muscle relaxers so going to my medical doctor was not a good idea. Billy (my husband) had gone to Dr.Buckner a few years ago for a back problem and had very good results. In fact ,his back problem is cured.

I started seeing Dr. Buckner in late December. My success has been very good. He has treated my back pain and some neck pain and both are much better. In fact, the pain relief has been amazing. I take daily exercises to keep the joints flexible. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is having pain. He is so nice and helpful in every way. He has sure helped my husband and me live a better and painfree life.

Janet Burr


I started coming to Dr. Buckner after experiencing a couple of months of progressively worse low back pain. Dr. Buckner started treatment and gave me a series of exercises to do on my own. After just a few visits I noticed improvement. I am now pain free!

I always look forward to coming in to Dr. Buckner's office. I leave feeling much more relaxed. Thanks, Dr. Buckner!

Beth Spugnardi